Look, Kitty, I didn’t touch our kids when they were babies and I’m not touching this one. 

 If they really liked me they’d leave me alone. 

And you are about to read a book that my foot wrote, it’s called on “On the road to in your ass”. 

Shoes are an inappropriate gift to give to another man. 

Quit thinking about my pants. My legs and what covers them is my business. 

Kitty you don’t understand how men work out. We dont give each other presents. We just basiclly ignore each other until we score a touchdown. 

Oh, Kitty, I wouldn’t leave you for the car. Who’d make dinner? 

Would you like your keen eye to watch my sure foot kick your smart ass? 

When my time comes, I want to be buried faced down so that anyone who doesn’t like me can kiss my ass. 

A bunch of birds threw a crap-on-my-Corvette party.